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mini-saviors and good stuff

so erin has been cool enough to ask me if i want to ride into the city this weekend with her to the AR shows... who'd have thunk it.... yay... it should be an interesting and positive experience for me all the way around i think... she and john are two really cool people and i felt really comfortable with them at the amagansett gig... i have like no anxiety.... woohoo... it's a banner moment... my only anxiety stems from lasting through the day and night.... :) can i make it? first the 5pm show at the East River Park Amphitheatre and then at 10pm they will be playing at Sin-e... somewhere btwn Houston and Stanton.... two new ones for me... it will be fun! hope the weather isn't too bad...
i saw miami sunday night... briefly... but it left a lasting impression... got me through a monday at work with basically no stress.... sweeet... she seemed so familiar when i looked in her eyes... and familiar in a way that i wasn't even expecting or ready for... sometimes surprises are good...
i was talking to kris tonight and i really hate the situation she's in... and it makes me feel silly talking to her about miami... but she asks and once i'm asked, well... i can't help but talk about her... the woman who sits behind me at work thinks i'm crazy... but that's okay... i'm not about to ignore such a strong energy... i would always wonder then... and what good is that?
so mom and grandma leave for florida on thursday morning... i'll have the house to myself for 4 days... probably won't do anything FUN with that time... but i hope to be somewhat productive... get some shit together and organized in preparation for the move... greg spoke with the landlord again and we are a go.... i have to remember to ask around if anyone is interested in a 2 br apt in scenic Huntington Village... that's all the landlord asked of us, was to try to find someone to take over the apt. vix and greg are abandoning....
okay... perhaps i will get some sleep tonight...
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