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it's been a long ass time

it's weird to write in here on this freaking laptop... the keys are so smooth and they have no depth... and the backspace is awkward and it's really easy to hit caps lock on accident... but i'm getting used to it i think.... i'm still with this stupid ass cold... it just won't leave me, but i at least have my energy back... last week i was in a bad way...
i have the apartment to myself tonight, for a few hours at least... it's kinda nice... i can dig it... julia was supposed to come over tonight but she slept... it's all good though... i was feeling a quiet night tonight...
work still blows and august will mark my year there.... i'll see what happens and if anything is said about a review or anything.... and if nothing happens... even if something does happen... i really need to look at other things.... this job is just not healthy for me.... i feel so uncomfortable there... ruins entire days of my life... who needs that!?
sitting on this ottoman and typing on this laptop is not healthy for my back or my neck... wish i had something of more substance to add here.... but i don't....
i'll have to take a look around this wonderful town i now call home.... i realized today that i have no idea what's around me these days.... i mean besides for the immediate surrounding blocks.... i must explore...perhaps one of the not so damn hot days....
i need to research computers soon...
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