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another one of those weird "coincidences"

Horoscope (by GEMINI - Thursday, September 11, 2003
Issues regarding love and romance are at a climactic point in your life right now, dear Gemini, and you could be rather combative at this time. Your energy in this area of your life is may come in waves, and you are likely to be so charged up about the situation that you feel like a time bomb about ready to explode. Make sure you aren't destroying something wonderful by wanting a great deal more than you really need.

Thu Sep. 11, 2003 by - TAURUS
It may feel like there is a hole in your heart today, dear Taurus, and you may have a hard time filling it. Remember that you are the one responsible for making sure this void is taken care of. If you insist that someone else fill the gap, you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Do something nice for yourself and feel free to spend a little money on making yourself happy.

kinda makes me swallow hard.... but i have control of my decisions.... it's just interesting how a horoscope can reflect the exact opposite of how a situation may or may not play out.... it's all very bizarre and i'm not sure if i'm expressing it well... but who cares...

i was shouting at work today.... i just thought of it now... not sure what triggered that train of thought, but again... who cares....

life is sooooo weird.... it's just weird.... i'm tired of fighting though... i'm at a place where i'm very close to comfortable.... that's weird... i mean i'm not all that bad off.... i have a plan in motion... i'm really going to start saving money.... i long to be debt free and calm.... i think i can pay off my debt if i start being more stingy with my spending.... but i really haven't been spending money on anything... only groceries.... that's like all i buy.... oh, and um, stuff that helps me relax.... but that's it... i suppose i really could save some good money if i cut out the shit.... yeah, duh... big fat duh.

what can ya do... live and learn and who knows when i'll break free of it.... for now i have hope that i really am getting closer and closer everyday to being relaxed and comfortable... because in the end that's all i really want out of life.... is to be able to relax and be comfortable.... oh, and love, someone to share it with....
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