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t-shirt philosophy

take about 4 hits from a bong, throw in a load of laundry, go into the bathroom to brush your teeth.... you're still wearing the i hang out with liz brooks t-shirt that has become the focal point of your philosophical daydreams for the last 24 hours... not a shirt that you wear everyday, but for some reason on that saturday in august it just felt like the shirt to put on... looking chill in all your teal glory... your cousin calls from work around 7pm and you make plans to hang out... he arrives about an hour and a half later wearing the exact same t-shirt...
you stop when you see him immediately recognizing the coincidence as a bizarre otherworldly phenomena that seems to occur between the two of you on a regular basis... you both laugh in a shared understanding of the oddity...
of course you slept in the shirt and now here you are brushing your teeth the next morning (afternoon) stoned and pondering... imagine all the energy that must flow to liz brooks whenever anyone puts on one of these shirts... and then for two people to have a bizarre coincidence and undoubtedly get a charge out of it, that must send a shockwave of energy straight to the namesake... everything mirrors something else that is larger in life... relativity... energy... experience... inspiration...
one simple decision is not realistic... nothing is simple, there is no choice but to embrace the chaos... chaos is constant, in that, we can believe and trust... trust that there will always be chaos and if you can do that you can be reasonable, rational and functional...
but it sounds like a machine and every word that seems to resonate as true becomes suspect... contradictions, but it is just more evidence to the constant nature of the chaos... there is no end to come to... frustration, passion, intensity... you can't boil it down no matter how hard you try, how often you try, how many different directions you approach it from... it is chaos
what is zen? if you can learn to breathe maybe you can circumvent the endless repetitive journey, perhaps zen can bring you to rest... perhaps it is worth exploring further... maybe that is what it is there for... a natural defense mechanism against the raging machine that is existence in this conscious conscience ridden society...
what you wouldn't give to be any living creature other than a human being just for one day... to understand existence beyond the bounds of humanity....
there is no end
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