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Independence Day

the fireworks haven't stopped for the last hour... and i know most of this must be illegal street stuff.... but it's kinda cool that i can sit at my computer and take it all in.... location, location, location!
this weekend has been really nice.... i got to see Greg again... although i don't feel that i saw all that much of him... i should have moved out of my really good spot at the show to stand back a bit with him, but as usual, once they get on stage i'm glued to them... and by them, i mean, ANTIGONE RISING, the most amazing band going right now.... energy like nothing else...
for anyone that i sent an e-mail about this show (7/2 at the Downtown, Antigone Rising) that didn't go, what the heck were you doing??? for those people who did come, some of you first-timers, i'm glad you are hooked after one-dose... that's all it takes...
kristen signed her geeetar for me... she rocks... greg rocks for being a photographer... if not for crackhead and greg i'd have to rely upon my ever-failing memory...
after the show i had a goodly amount of energy... (although my feet were killing me).... steph and i left greg in the livingroom went upstairs and listened to Dark Side of the Moon for a couple of hours and worked out some of our extra energy.... it never ceases to amaze me how much we have in common.... spooky even...
love her to death... hated to see her go tonight... next week will be interesting... she'll be on the cruise with her family for a solid week... whatever will i do with myself? ha ha...
she's addicted to shows now too, and wants to go to Asbury Park... i've never made it to the Stone Pony.... there's a first time for everything...
i don't want to go back to work tomorrow... can't it just be July 3rd for a few weeks??? july 2nd and 3rd very good days this year.... wish i could relive them over and over
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